About Elyssa

A blogger since 2004 but during those time it was more to personal blog. So, when I decided to share my story and thoughts with everyone, this is the blog to do that.

This blog is a mix of english-malay or what we prefer to call it Manglish. Sabar je la kan. Nama pun my own blog. You might notice there's a lot of changes in my writing throughout this blog. Well, why talk like others when I can talk like me.

I'm married to my bestie and still working while running my online business. Hey drop by to these blog below yeah.

I love to share about foods, movies, TV Series, fasion and my other interest. I cuba cari masa untuk update sebab compare to my student time years ago, memang banyak masa lapang. So thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you get something for it.

#Elle - pronounce as 'EL' or 'L' not 'Elly'. Why? Ini dari wikipedia.
[It derives from the French pronoun "elle", meaning "she".]


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