Monday, April 4, 2011

Perempuan suka mengunyah kusyen?

Elle jumpa berita ni di Facebook kawan Elle. Pelik betul. How can she has such weird craving?

METRO WEB REPORTER - 31st March, 2011
Woman is addicted to eating sofas
While most people who have a sweet tooth love munching on cakes and biscuits, one US mum has a very different kind of craving.

 Adele Edwards tucks into her sofa cushions Adele Edwards tucks into her sofa cushions (Picture: TLC)

Mother-of-five Adele Edwards, from Florida, is addicted to another kind of snack - the suite kind, which most people normally just sit on to eat their dinner.
Ms Edwards apparently loves chomping on household items - such as elastic bands and rubbers.

However, her biggest weakness is snacking on the polyester stuffing in her sofa.

Shockingly, during the course of her lifetime, Ms Edwards believes she has eaten her way through eight settees and five chairs, consuming almost 16 stone of cushion in the process.

Doctors have warned the 30-year-old mum that her addiction could kill her, but she just can't stop herself.

They said Ms Edwards has a disorder called Pica, where sufferers often eat inedible items.

She even had to have emergency treatment recently, so chunks of foam could be taken out of her intestines.

Ms Edwards said: 'I was ten years old when I was first introduced to cushion.

'At first, I thought it was strange but, after sucking it for a while, I came to like the texture.'

The mum said from that point on, she began eating cushions quite regularly and would frequently swallow chunks 'as though it was candy floss'.

'It sounds strange but, to me, foam tasted like sweets.'

While Ms Edwards' craving sounds fairly extreme, the condition could actually affect her in worse ways.

According to the Challenging Behaviour Foundation website, some people with the disorder consume cigarette butts and even faeces.

Watch video of Adele Edwards tucking into her sofa below:

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/859674-woman-is-addicted-to-eating-sofas#ixzz1IW42tVm5


intan Norafzan said...

hy babe!
soryy, ini first time aku komen kd blog hg...sory sbb sblm ni agak busy sket..hehe
bdw, mcm2 betul manusia skrg ni..kalau dia dtg umah kita bahya ni babe!hehee

Elle Elyssa said...

kalau dia mai kita sorok semua kusyen. tinggal kerusi kayu je. x tau la kalau ngan kerusi kayu tu pun dia nak makan.


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