Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surviving Break Up

After break up, you really need to move on. Not all people willing to do that and even waiting for their ex to be back together even after that person is already married. Listen hear people, once that person in a serious relationship, you really need to move on, not wishing for your ex to break up from current relationship and running back to you. That is so selfish. This list I gathered are from my own experience and other close friends'. It will be different for each other but al least you can try it out.

1. Be Near to God
When I had a bad relationship, I always pray to Allah to show me any sign if I should continue with this unhappy relationship. After that I kept getting sign and can see clearly things that I've never notice before. So, I make my decision and never look back. I always pray to Allah and it helps to heal my broken heart.

2. Remove all possible communication medium
DO NOT contact your ex back or let your ex contact you. Especially if that person dumped you and doesn't want to have anything with you anymore. Take care of your dignity. Don't let other people treat you like rubbish. Remove your ex's phone number, change yours, remove your ex from social networking or better yet use the 'Block' function provided in Facebook. Stop stalking your ex. It'll make you sad when he/she is out there live happily and you're still sobbing over him/her.

3. Get Busy
Make yourself busy. Its not in the end of the whole that you need to stay alone in your room and cry out loud. Do things that you never get a chance to do when you were with your ex. Explore the world.

3. Pampered yourself
Treat yourself like a queen. Go to spa and for guys you can go for a massages. Relax and enjoy being pampered. You can even do it at home if you want to but being pampered by others is much better but yeah, you need to spend some $$$.

4. Removed all pictures
Please don't torture yourself by putting your picture with your ex as your computer and phone wallpaper. Everytime you saw that, it's not reminisce the memory but torturing yourself to sadness. Remove from your computer and social networking.

5. Spend time with your love one
Love in here is not including your ex-lover. Spend time with your family and friends. You'll be suprised of so many person that care for you. I know it'snot the same and you might be jealous or sad when you saw other couple. Enjoy your single life. Don't get desperate and get in a rebound relationship. It hurts you and that person.

6. Cry all you want
Even if you're a guy, if you feel like crying just cry. But don't get carried away for so long. We don't want big ugly puffy eyes and yeah crying too much will ruin your beautiful eyes.

7. Have faith and value yourself
Love yourself and believe that this break up is not the end of the world. It's just a new chapter in your life and you're supposed to be wiser. Be the better you and run free.

After break up, you don't have to hate that person or even go around and spread the how bad your ex is. That's not appropriate. Especially when you did that in social networking. Just move on and enjoy your life. Someone better is waiting for you out there. Seriously, there's no such thing as we can still be friends after break up. Not many people survive that. Some people manage to be friends but preferably not. Unless both of you are happy to keep being friend then go ahead but the friendship will never be the same.

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