Friday, March 27, 2015

Working Experience with the Clowns

Hello my lovelies!

Recently most of my colleagues including me busy updating Linked In and Jobstreet. Well, maybe it's time to look around after being loyal for almost 4 years. Yup the longest I've been with my current company. I'm the type of person who likes to jump and there in different company. Some of my friends are like that. They get bored staying at one company and then just to other. I reminded them not to do that with the ladies. Please Bro! You can jump to 20 companies but please stick to one.

As for me I want to find a company that I can call home. Where I'm happy, comfortable, love my works and the environment. Unfortunately not everyone can get the perfect job but it doesn't hurt to search for it.

I'm happy with my working experience. I've work in MNC and small company, different industries, different environment. It's a good experience. Even if one day I pursue with my own business, I'm gonna miss the work, the environment and my friends. Sometimes I felt like I'm married to my work. Like why am I so hardworking? Well that just me. I take my work seriously. I never play around. Same goes to my side business now. I never play around but I'm struggling with the time management.

It's good to exchange our experience with others. So far, I've been with all private companies. Sometimes it's better to work with the foreigners even though they can be pain in the arse but what happens there stay there. Sometimes you can see a lot of drama in the office. Yeah, we have clowns here.

Not like some of our people where when you dislike someone or you're a lazy cow that always jealous with others. These types of people love to play with devil. When I say play with the devil I really meant it. Like come on, jumpa bomoh santau org. Then people getting sick, performance drop, it's like a satisfaction to them. Even if that person even die, you are still one lazy cow that never improve yourself. Remember, what goes around comes around. If it doesn't happen to you it'll happen to your company.

Those who doesn't play with devil will play with office politics. Politics are bullshit, and office politics are even worse. I've seen this type of people before. Kaki ampu. Kipas bontot. Whatever you want to call them. I've seen some people who doesn't even do their work but busy being Personal Assistant to their boss. Seriously, if you that job then be a PA not some dumbass officer pretending to be a PA. Do whatever you want as long it doesn't bother my work. One of my superior told me before that "Office politics is unavoidable" but it doesn't mean as superior you can't control it. Oh wait, you're one of them.

There come the busybody. Every single thing they wants to know. How's your life with your partner, your boss's life and his partner. How should I know what my boss do with his/her partner. Then go around gossiping about others. You can get the latest new from them but you can never trust them. Some of the stories will be added extra ingredients.

Then the people who like to compare other people with them. Haih! These people, for them everybody is their competitor. Everything will be a competition. If it's a healthy competition that's good but this kind of competition makes you want to take off your heels and smack their faces. Sometimes they will target few competitors and start comparing from head to toe, up the families. Even want to compare her Coach handbag to LV, like seriously. Are you sure yours not even a knock off? Hello, I come her to work not for handbag competition.

Last but not least, lazy cow who's not contributing to the company. I don't even know why they are hired. Maybe they are good with bullshits during interview and managed to impressed the interviewers. This type, serious I don't know how to comment. Nothing's being done, always MIA, and nobody know what that person's function in the company.

Last but not least, sometimes these dramas are entertaining. It's like extra colour to the office. Except for those who play with the devils. If one day I continue to do my business full time, I'm gonna miss them. All work no play is not interesting, right?

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