Sunday, July 26, 2015

Aidilfitri... Once Upon a Time

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri semua muslimin dan muslimat.

Time flies fast and Ramadhan has left us. Syawal kali ni Syawal yang paling bermakna dan dah tak sama macam tahun-tahun yang lain.

First of all, the first Syawal Mr Hall and I celebrating as husband and wife. We have two houses and two parents to celebrate with. The beauty of having the same hometown is we could go back and forth to both houses since they are separated by only Penang Bridge. We managed to leave early back to our hometown so no massive jam like years before. Just imagine, every year we will stuck in the traffic jam for 12 hours. I'm so happy we don't have to go through that experienced again.

Well, the second thing that is different this year, well, it's the first year we're celebrating Aidil Fitri without Dadima. All of us kinda lost this year. Every year, we will sleep at her house on Raya eve, breaking fast together, preparing foods for Raya morning and other things that we've been doing for years. When we were younger, some of my cousins and relatives will gather at that house sleep together at the living hall. We will spend our time chatting and teasing each other. Dadima was a loving person that loves her grandchildren so much. She's very kind, like to cook for us and always share our family history telling us about her time and story about our ancestors.

Her Gulai Daging are the best and every time Syawal comes, that will be the main dishes including my mom's Ayam Masak Merah. Those experiences can't be bought. I lost Dadima but at the same time I now have a husband. I'm still sad but I know he's there to comfort me. 

As usual, my cousins will come to my house to fulfill their craving of my mom's Nasi Beryani and Dalcha. So fellas, Mimin and I will work our ass off to help my mom with the cooking and cleaning the house. My close friend will come to my house on the same day but this year, I didn't managed to meet any of them.

Why? Since the Dalcha Mami Penang day is always on third raya, this year I have to attend my husband's cousin's wedding. You get it didn't ya? First time for me to follow them to Kuala Dipang and meet the relatives. It was a wonderful experience to meet and greet with the families. And finally I can call balik kampung. All these years, we might say balik kampung but my house is in the town, my dad's 'kampung' is next to the main road and my mom's 'kampung' is a terrace house in a 'pekan'. So I never experienced the real kampung.

Even though the house is no longer rumah papan, but the surrounding is so peaceful. Bayangkanlah everyday I buka tingkap rumah I atau duduk kat balkoni, nampak bangunan je. So a change of greener scenery is refreshing. Boleh dengar ayam berkokok. Well, dua ekor ayam jantan berkokok sahut menyahut. Even though I enjoy the sound but I'm a bit curious because looks like they were fighting for something. Okay fine, ada ayam betina rupanya tengah catwalk. Patutlah berebut. I hope one day I'm still able to show my kids "Itu ayam jantan berkokok nak mengorat ayam betina."  Or else I can only show the picture of rooster and hen in a book.

Tapi bila balik my mom's house hari tu still dapat makan Nasi Beryani dan Dalcha.

Menu hari Raya ketiga yang berjaya membuat my cousins meroyan walau di mana saja mereka berada. Clockwise: Nasi Beryani, Dalcha, Ayam Masak Merah, Sayur Campur (made by my dad)

Yang penting this year, I puas dapat makan lemang banyak-banyak. Rasanya sempat lagi kan nak mohon maaf kepada semua kalau ada tersalah cakap atau buat something yang melukakan hati.

Selamat Hari Raya semua. I know you guys still on Raya mode. Raya kan sebulan. *wink*

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