Saturday, July 25, 2015

Primary School Memories

A friend shared this post that shows pictures of memories and tag me. I'm not sure if the kids these days get a chance to experience this but with tablets and smartphones generation, not sure they do.

I really miss my primary school time. The time when we grow up and never cares about what race our friends are. Being around multiracial friends makes me appreciate the beauty of Malaysian.

The Vitagen Purchase form. We were so happy filling in the form to buy the Vitagen. Shows the form to our parents, they allocate some money for us to buy the Vitagen. Today, I just can stock up the Vitagen in my fridge. Guess the good habit of drinking Vitagen since I'm young still follow me till now. Good habit shouldn't die.

That one day where, well I don't remember if we were provided with a set of toothbrush and toothpaste or we just bring our own from home. Anyway that one day where everyone get to check our teeth with the dentist and brush our teeth together during school time. we learn about how important to keep our teeth clean and brush it twice a day.

Owh this flower. We were told that we can suck the honey out of these flowers. It does have the sweet taste but so little.

Once upon a time, the ancient mouse has a ball. It's not that ancient by the way but it does has the track ball. Sometimes if the pointer on the screen stuck, we will take the tracking ball out and clean it. Sometimes the dust will stuck inside.

Also known as "Buku Hutang". It's our little notes to write down things. During this time, the cover of the book is not important as long as we can scribble something on the notes. It still has colours for you to choose.

You wished you could collect more flags and never need to use your eraser. But when you have to use it, you still have to use it. Never mind, I'll collect another flag.

The popsicles. This is the best thing after the school hour. While waiting for the bus or parents to pick us up, this is what we'll be looking for under the hot sun. I still remember even my aunt made this and sell them.

The Milo van. We kids go crazy for the free Milo. The taste like, I don't know, so different. Even though there's a big can of Milo that you can ask your mother to prepare for you at home, you still chase and waited excitedly in the queue to get your free Milo. I think I still get excited when I see the Milo van.

Our school uniform. Yeah, I was wearing pinafore up until standard 6 but still wearing baju kurung on Friday.

Reminiscing these memories does feel good. Plus, I still in contact with my primary school friends. We found each others last year when one of us was in the MH17 crash. We created FB group and whatsapp group to keep in touch. I always keep in touch with other friends especially my close friends but to be able to gather back like this virtually brings back the memories. Most of us are married, with kids, with jobs, scattered around Malaysia, some of us still look the same and some of us are totally different.

I hope the friendship that we build will keep us together for a very long time. I still have other memories that's not in the pictures.

What's your memories during primary school?

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