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Our Favourite TV Series

Mr Hall and I love TV Series. So below are the list of series that we've been watching together.

  • Arrow (Season 4)
Of coz, part of it is Oliver Queen's torso and his salmon ladder. No stuntman hokeh. Love this series like so much and it's the top of our favourite.

Arrow (2012) Poster
  • The Flash (Season 2)
Barry Allen, fastest man alive. The flash fighting with meta-human (those who has powers) and I love to see their ability and the code name giving by Cisco.

The Flash (2014) Poster
  • Marvel: Agent of Shield (Season 3)
Yup, Skye is adorable. Ever since I watched her video clip Uh Oh it stucks in my mind. Blergh! As it's related to the movies, and the main character is Agent Coulson (if you watched Ironman you'll know him).
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013) Poster
  • Agent Carter
Founder of Shield, Captain America's lover, she's badass. I love her so much. The scene portrays how sexism is back those days. 
Agent Carter (2015) Poster
  • Elementary (Season 4)
I'm Sherlock Holmes fan since I was a kid. With a little bit of twist in this series (where's Watson is a lady) I think season 2 is becoming more interesting. With the case, with you know Sherlock being Sherlock. I just love it.
Elementary (2012) Poster
  • Sherlock (Season 3)
Every season there'll be only 3 episodes. 3 long episodes which the duration is almost like a movie. Well my favourite of coz until now is Season 2 Episode, where Irene Adler is. 

Sherlock (2010) Poster
  • Person of Interest (Season 5)
"You're being watched." 
A machine that could predict a crime before it happens. Cool heh? Harold Finch, the creator of the machine and John Reese, ex-Cia bergabung untuk prevent any crime dari jadi based on the social security number yang 'The Machine' akan generate. Cerita ni seriously best sangat dan ramai dah yang jatuh centa lepas tengok cerita ni. 

  • The Blacklist (Season 3)
I just love Red Reddington who doesn't gives a fuck and his story telling. Sometimes you can't even imagine that criminals in the list existed. All those crime lords in the Blacklist, korang sendiri tak tau yang benda macam tu pun wujud.

The Blacklist (2013) Poster
  • The Big Bang Theory (Season 9)
Our nerdy physicists and their girlfriends. Everybody loves Sheldon. Sheldon being Sheldon is what makes the series hilarious. 

The Big Bang Theory (2007) Poster

Then I have other TV Series that I layan sorang-sorang coz Mr Hall malas nak tengok.

  • Once Upon a Time (Season 5)
I love fairy tales. Most of the fairytale characters are here. Just imagine them living in our world.

  • Gotham (Season 2)
Before there was Batman, there's Jim Gordon. Kalau korang familiar dengan Batman and his villains, korang boleh tengok permulaan macam mana Selina Kyle jadi Catwoman, Edward Nygma jadi The Riddler, Oswald Cobblepot jadi Penguin dan ramai lagi. Bruce Wayne muda lagi masa ni baru kematian parents so jangan expect korang dapat tengok Batman dalam Gotham ni.

  • Game of Thrones (Season 5)
 I tak sempat nak follow dari first Season few months back, I start marathon tengok series ni. Mr Hall tak join lagi. So, lepas ni kalau I nampak lagi lawak GoT dalam 9gag I dah tak blur. Serious, the theme song sangat sesuai dengar macam background music nak pergi berperang. Rasa bersemangat sangat. Over kan, yes I know. Nampak kerusi kat bawah ni? Definitely bukan kerusi Ikea. This is the Iron Throne yang diorang berebut sangat tu. Nak cerita sini memang tak habis but I really love this series and waiting for the new season to come out.
I dah lama tak follow series kat bawah ni sebab banyak sangat series lain yang I follow and become less interested in these. Maybe afterwards I'll check back these series.
  • The Originals
You have to watch them in TVD first before you watch this series. If not you won't understand because it's a spin off. Anywho, I love Klaus.

The Originals (2013) Poster
  • The Vampire Diaries
The title says itself, yup it's about Vampires, werewolves and witches and the teenagers conflicts.

The Vampire Diaries (2009) Poster

and Mr Hall favourite TV Series
  • Supernatural (Season 11)
Sometimes I joined him. I didn't dare to watch their first few seasons but after that was starting to be interesting, well, less scary to be exact. I'm following latest season.

Supernatural (2005) Poster
  • Constantine (Season 1)
Yup, he's watching it alone. It's also from Comic Book and guys you should watch it. John Constantine boleh pergi balik neraka macam Penang - KL jer.

Constantine (2014) Poster

When I was writing this entry previously, iZombie was the latest series we follow.

  • iZombie (Season 2)

iZombie (2015) Poster

The Pilot is hilarious. Just imagine when someone is infected with Zombie outbreak, well living as a zombie who tries to be a normal person. In her attempt to do so, she works in the morgue so that she can eat brain and at the same time help to solve crime with the brain that she ate from the murder victim.

So Hello new series!

Alex Parish (Priyanka Chopra) is being framed by someone as if she's the terrorist that's responsible of the latest bombing. Diorang suspect orang yang frame Alex tu someone from her batch in Qunatico. So, it's her mission to clear her name and find the real perpetrator.

  • The Player
Anybody love gambling? Tempat pun kat Las Vegas. Alex Cane, security consultant di Las Vegas dipilih sebagai The Player untuk satu organisasi besar (powerful influencial people). Organisasi ni akan buat betting samada Alex Cane dapat prevent the crimes based on the scenario at that time. Life at stakes and it's just a game to them. Tabahlah Alex Cane. Anybody here is a fan of Wesley Snipes? *raising hand*
Well, jom la tengok series ni. Tapi kami geram sangat sebab series yang best ni dah cut short jadi 9 episode saja. Choy!!!!

  • Blindspot 
Apa perasaan korang kalau suatu hari korang terjaga, keluar dari beg dalam keadaan bogel dan penuh tatu kat badan? Gila kan? Dan, korang Amnesia, tak ingat apa-apa. Cherry on the top. So, tatu kat badan Jane Doe ni ibarat puzzle yang FBI kena solve sebab tatu ni ada kena mengena dengan jenayah yang FBI sendiri maybe tak sedar. At the same time, Jane Doe is trying to figure out who she is and why the tatoo is on her body. 

  • Limitless
Familiar dengan movie Limitless lakonan Bradley Cooper yang bermata cantik itu? *Pengsan*
Series ni sambungan dari filem tu tapi Bradley Cooper jadi cameo jer la. Nak bayar tiap-tiap episode kopak la production. Heronya, Brian Finch ambil drug yang sama diambil oleh Bradley Cooper dalam movie to. 1 pill of NZT, semua sel-sel dalam otak berhubung dengan lajunya. Honestly, I was wondering what the hell I'll could do if I take NZT.

  • Supergirl
No, bukan lagu Supergirl De Fam.  Kalau tak kenal dengan cousin Superman ni, jom la berkenalan dengan Kara Danvers ni. Cerita macam mana Supergirl bermula.

Then Mr Hall suggest, why not kita tengok something yang ringan sikit and funny. So,

West Covina......
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Nama pun crazy ex-girlfriend. Walaupun obses tapi takdelah psyco sampai bunuh-bunuh tu. Rebecca Bunch aka crazy ex-girlfriend yang obses sangat dengan ex-boyfriend dia Josh Chan. Walaupun hakikatnya diorang cuma couple 2 bulan masa summer camp. Yup, dari New York pindah West Covina, California, sanggup tinggalkan segala-galanya nak kejar Josh Chan. Tapi.... jeng jeng jeng. Kenalah tengok. Kalau korang pernah tengok cerita Enchanted tu lebih kurang la ada nyanyi-nyanyi. Lagu-lagu dia ada yang macam parody but it is funny and fun to watch.

So everyday, every week we have our list of series to download. This is one way of how we spend time together. Bujang dulu tengok asing-asing now boleh tengok sekali. 

Kalau you guys notice, Mr Hall and I ni superheroes lovers and there's one time, one of my colleague call me a geek because he saw Arrow wallpaper that I set to my laptop. 

He was like, "Aren't these are for guys?". 
And I was like "Really? Who says that?" 

Sungguh plastic. Rindu pulak nak gaduh ngan mamat Australian yg suka bela bugs ni. LOL!

Well this is part of how Mr Hall and I spend our time with our favourite TV series. So what's your favourite?

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