Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travel: Pulau Langkawi

Bestnya pergi Langkawi hari tu. Seriously both of us deserve this vacay.
Lepas macam2 dugaan kitorang redah. We've been through our worst time. So this kind of vacay is amazing.

At first, I do have a list of places to visit while we're there and where to eat. But since we're too in love with the beach, we keep on hanging out at Pantai Cenang. Memang port tourist kat sini. From various countries. Eloklah tu. Sebab ramai yang ingat husband and wifey ni pasangan dari Arab. Rugi tak belajar bahasa Arab masa sekolah dulu. Kalau tak dah boleh menyamar jadi orang Arab.

Bersungguh-sungguh diorang speaking. Sekali kitorang cakap loghat utara terus, "Laa, orang kita ka." Terus dapat charge harga local. Tapi best jugak menyamar jadi foreigner sebab dapat dengar orang bercakap pasal kitorang. Yang puji yang mengeji, you know lumrah manusia. Like I care.

Few years back, more than 10 years lah. I used to study at Langkawi for 2 years. Kampus tepi pantai. Bangunan asal pun used to be a resort that 5 years before, I've visited with my family. Tido situ when I was 13 years old. Now bangunan semua dah takde. Yang ada Pusat Latihan Polis. Sobb Sobb! I love that campus. Kampus tepi pantai weh. Rasa cam jiwa kacau, lepak tepi pantai. Nak gosip, tepi pantai. Nangis sorang2 mengenang nasib diri, tepi pantai. Bergaduh, tepi pantai. Tengok drama, tepi pantai. Chilling milling, tepi pantai. Makan satay ramai-ramai, tepi pantai. Banyak sangat kenangan.

Pantai Cenang dah tak macam dulu. Kalau dulu, lalu je kat Pantai Cenang nampak pantai jer. Sekarang, nampak bangunan jer. Senang cerita Cenang is happening now. That's why both of us end up lepak kat sini jer.

Recommended dinner kat sini, Restorang Haji Ramli. Memang banyak sangat blog yang cerita pasal kesedapan makanan kat sini. Ikan2 pun fresh. Mr Hall ni cerewet sikit bab makan. Tapi dia memang suka makanan kat sini. Sedap katanya. Walaupun dah makan candle light dinner tetap sebut2 Restoran Haji Ramli. So if you're going to Pantai Cenang, make sure you have your dinner here.

Well, hello there! Si comel yang join our Sotong Goreng Tepung feast.

Jalan2 lagi, wah dah ada Cenang Mall. Walaupun mall kecik tapi still ada mall. 10 tahun lepas tak wujud Cenang Mall ni. I'm impressed with Pantai Cenang now. Few motels are around and lots of food for you to choose. There's even few spas available but we didn't have enough time to try. Maybe next time. There's Starbucks and Mc D Dessert kiosk for you to hang out. If you don't want just the desserts, just walk for few meters, Mc Donald's is waiting for you. Yup, I know coz Mr Hall and I was hungry and we have late night supper there. Late night supper, makan burger.

On the second night, Mr Meow and I had candle light dinner at the beach. That was..... seriously I don't know which word could describe but I was a happy bee. Jiwang~~~~

Next was Underwater World. The last time I was here was when I'm still in school, 13 years old si comel Georgian. Those time there're no penguins. Mr Hall was so excited when he heard there's Penguin. Well, we're big fan of Penguins of Madagascar so we're going to look for Rico, Skipper, Private and Kowalski in Underwater World. Since we've already seen fishes at Aquaria so, penguins, come to Mama.

African Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin

You can see these Penguins are the main attraction here. Kesian all the fishes.

Helllooooo Spider Crab!
Spider Crab, Spider Crab, 
Does whatever a spider can. 
Look out! Here comes the Spider Crab!!!!.

Entrance Fees to Underwater World

Entrance Fees
AdultsRM40 (without MyKad) / RM30 (with MyKad)
Children (3-12 years old)       RM30 (without MyKad) / RM20 (with MyKad)
Malaysian Senior Citizens (50 years old & above)  RM24 (with MyKad)
Goverment RateAdults RM24 and Children RM16. One (1) Government I.D. Card entitles for two (2) adults and two (2) children.

Other place than Cenang, we went to Oriental Village. Actually it's not in the 'to visit' list but Mr Hall wants to take a ride in the Duck Boat. Lepas tengok Penguin nak naik Duck Boat. He is so comel and I love him. Ahem! So the journey begins.

We had a stop at Perdana Quay when all the yachts are. Just for few minutes to see the yachts and off we go.

Oriental Village is where the cabel car, skycab, 3D Museum and the Duck Boat is. We bought combo tickets for Duck Boat and 3D Museum so it cost us RM60 each. The Duck Boat can ride on the land, yup there's tyres to bring us to Perdana Quay and take a ride there in the water. Sorry, no picture for the Duck Boat.

Pinjam pic from Google.

After we came back to Oriental Village, we went to the 3D Museum. Gosh! There are so talented but you have to take pictures from correct angles to make the picture looks 3D.

Totally amazing. As usual, we did some shopping, souvenirs for our family. Before we went home to Penang, we had this tasty Mee Udang. This place famous with laksa but since wifey dok mengidam nak makan Mee Udang Telok Kumbar tak dapat, terus Mr Hall ajak makan Mee Udang kat sini. Sedap and I loike!

That was our adventure in Langkawi and seriously we have to came back here. Banyak aktiviti tak sempat buat lagi but then we came to rest, so rest is what we did.

Rasa macam nak stay sini 1 or 2 months. Just to get away from the city hectic.

Dear Langkawi,
We'll come back to explore you.


Farah Waheda Wahid said...

all the food looks yummy...

Elle Elyssa said...

Sedap babe. Kalau gi Cenang memang recommended.


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